About John Lingenfelder

Thank you for visiting – I am John Lingenfelder and am proud to be working to become your Congressman to the US House of Representatives from Texas 3rd Congressional District. As a small business owner, a community activist and a lifelong Texan - I am running to represent our community in Washington. We need to bring true representation and leadership for the 3rd Congressional District. Our current representative to Congress has favored special interests, big banks and energy companies over the needs of our community; the needs of our great state of Texas; and the needs of the USA.

When In Congress, I will focus on restoring America’s greatness by promoting small business jobs in Texas, rebuilding America's economy by finding, then cutting those expenditures that are wasteful. Further, with your support I will be working to manage the national debt; and working to break America's crushing dependence on Middle East oil.


  • Small Business Owner
  • Founder of the North Texas ACLU
  • Past President of Greater Dallas Coalition for Reproductive Freedom
  • Founder of the Plano Solar Initiative
  • Lifelong Texan

Experienced Voice and Active Community Leader in Texas 3rd Congressional District

I was raised in South Texas from early childhood; but have lived in Plano for over 20 years.  I started my small business here, raised my family here, and setup roots for my grandkids. I also served as past-president of the Greater Dallas Coalition for Reproductive Freedom and founded or been a founding member of five other local organizations; the North Texas Chapter of the ACLU, the Plano Solar Initiative, Keep Quality in Plano Schools (KQUIPS), the Greater Dallas Coalition of Reproductive Freedoms, and National Organization of Women for Collin County.  In Congress, I will bring these proven leadership qualities and my long experience as a Software Engineer to work for pragmatic decision-making to put Americans back to work, protect our environment and quality of life, and to defend our rights as Americans.

Successful Business Man

For the last 30 years I have managed and run my own small business, the last of which provided software engineering solutions to North Texas businesses.  I have successfully managed budgets, created and executed strategic plans, and navigated this and previous economic downturns to keep my business profitable and moving forward. I will bring this management experience and real-world perspective to Washington to bring a fresh, practical, solutions-based approach to the challenges facing our community and country today.

Family Man with Texas Values

Raised from a very early age in South Texas, I was brought up with a deep appreciation for Texas values and American work-ethic.  I was educated in public schools and I spent my formative years in a small, Texas, coastal city where my father worked as a physician and my mother raised five successful children. Both of my parents were veterans of World War II - my father served in active campaigns throughout the Pacific and my mother served as a Navy nurse working with wounded servicemen. My parents instilled in me the values they embodied - hard work, honesty, forthrightness and respect for your fellow man. My parents were always active in our community as well and I grew up with an awareness and appreciation that America has a unique place in the world.  These values have been my moral foundation for raising my family and leading my life. I have two adult children and three grandchildren and am concerned about what kind of world we will pass on to generations to come.  

These are the reasons why I am working to represent you in Congress  - I want to be certain that I have done all that I can so the world and nation passed on to future Americans is the best that it can be.

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